We strive to make education possible for disadvantaged children in Nepal through scholarship opportunities and advocate for quality and inclusive education in Nepal.

Around 770,000 children aged 5-12 years in Nepal are still out of school

We believe that every child despite their background must have access to basic education opportunity.

Nepal's literacy rate is still below 70%

We believe that education is a basic need and there should be a collective social effort to create an equal access to quality education for all children.

Our Target (By 2025)

  • To provide scholarships to 150+ underprivileged children in Nepal.
  • Cover 15+ districts in Nepal.
  • Work with 100+ individual and corporate donors.

Our Scholars

With MMSF’s help, I have been able to pursue my academic goals. Thank you. – Sushma Chepang
Thank you for investing in my education and empowering me to achieve my full potential. – Usha B.K
I’m really happy that I have been able to continue my study. Thank you MMSF. – Babita Chepang


To become our scholar, please click the button and fill out the form.

Our Works

Visited the Chepang community

To learn more about the actual condition of our scholars, Babita and Sushma Chepang, our team visited the ...

Visited Usha B.K’s house

Our founders with our scholar Usha B.K's mother while visiting her house. We were quite saddened to learn ...

School Visit Of Usha B.K

Our Miss Mongol Scholarship Fund founders visited the school of Usha B.K., one of our scholars. She is ...

Meet Our Team

Jangmu Enn Sherpa

Priti Gurung

Punam Sherpa

Ashok Pyasi Rai

Our Activities

Our Donars

Yogesh Bhattarai

NRs. 50,000/-

Nandaraj Procha Rai

Ex-British Army

Nrs. 20,000/-

Nimi Sherpa

Sherpa Women Association

Nrs. 20,000/-

Fund collection under Ang Dawa Sherpa in USA

USD 1400

Ang Dorji Lama

Nepal Sherpa association of Nepal

NRs. 50,000

Tendi Sherpa

TAG Nepal Treks and Expeditions Pvt. Ltd

NRs. 50,000/-

Sherpa Kiduk doha quatar


Nrs. 30,000

NEFIN, South Korea.

Nrs. 93,458

Solukhumbu Sherpa society

Nrs. 2,18,769

Ang Tendi Sherpa

Social Worker

Nrs. 40,000

Nepal Federation of Indigenous Nationalists, Belgium.

EURO 1660

Sherpa Society Portugal

Euro 1350

Rinchen Sangpo Sherpa


Nrs. 50,000

Lakpa Sherpa

Managing Director
Pioneer Adventure Treks

NRs. 50,000

Ang Tshering Sherpa

Asian Trekking

NRs. 50,000