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The winner of Miss Mongol Nepal has announced a scholarship fund of 5 million rupees. Miss Mongol Nepal-2018 Jangmu Sherpa, first runner-up Preeti Gurung, and second runner-up Poonam Sherpa have announced the fund. Scholarships will be provided through the fund to children who are helpless and unable to go to school due to a lack of finances. This scholarship will be given to students studying in any class up to SEE.

The winner of Miss Mongol, who has created a distinct identity in the crowd of Nepali beauty pageants, has started providing scholarships from this foundation, which started with the goal of education for all. Jangmu Sherpa, the president of the foundation, has informed that the main source of the foundation will be ‘Donation’ and ‘Fund Raising Charity Program’. “After winning the title of Miss Mongol, we have started this campaign thinking that we should do something for society by embracing the social identity and responsibility,” she said.

The founder, Preeti Gurung informed us that all the information will be kept by creating a website to make the fund transparent and global. “We will keep the details of donors, students studying through the fund, and activities of the fund on the official website of the foundation”, said Preeti. According to Preeti, anyone from all over the world can donate to this foundation and get information through the website.

The founder, Poonam Sherpa said that through this foundation, many children who could not go to school will get a chance to study. It’s unfortunate that you can’t even go to school these days. That is why we have started a campaign for children who could not go to school even if they wanted to”, she said.