Upcoming Event

Programs will be held in different countries of the world in support of the Miss Mongol Scholarship Foundation. This program named ‘Miss Mongol scholarship World Tour’ will be starting firstly from Europe. In the first phase, the president of the foundation, Jangmu Sherpa is going there on June 12 to participate in the program to be held in France, Belgium, and Portugal in Europe.

A campaign has already started in that country in the support of the foundation. The Nepalese who are there are trying to gather support for the foundation. After Jangmu arrives there, there will be a discussion about the foundation, a seminar, a charity dinner as well as a cultural program. There is also a program to give certificates of honor on behalf of the Jangmu Miss Mongol Scholarship Fund to various organizations and social workers who provide financial support for the foundation. In the second phase, the world tour will be continued in other countries of the world with famous artists of Nepal, the foundation said.